Ayurveda - the Traditional Indian Science of Life

Last chance to join on 14.2!

On Sundays 8:00 - 10:00 A.M. Note! Last chance for new students to join  on 14th of February!

Natha has the great joy to offer you an:

Intensive course for profound harmonization of the human being, through a modern and practical presentation of the traditional Indian science of life. Ayurveda represents a complex system of holistic natural medicine, having its origins in India and presently being largely and successfully applied in many countries of the world.

The course is organized and will be held online by an Ayurveda lector from Romanian Ayurvedic Training and Specializing Centre (AYUS).

Subjects approached within the Ayurveda courses:

  • Systematical exposition of fundamental traditional teachings about life, based on Ayurvedic authentic writings
  • Presentation and detailed description of human constitutional typologies, with multiple immediate applicability in daily life domains
  • Presentation of natural practical modalities for constitutional harmonization: natural nutrition, wise usage of medicinal and aromatic herbs, cromotherapy (colored light therapy), music-therapy, acupressure, simple modalities for self-massage
  • Traditional methods for regeneration and re-gaining of the erotic-amorous tone, purification of the body; all these trough natural modalities based on healing-medicinal herbs or aphrodisiac herbs
  • Description of multiple beneficial effects of medicinal herbs, together with the presentation of special efficient methods for their usage.


  • Anyone interested in this domain of human knowledge can participate
  • The course consists of weekly classes (2h/class) and is structured in several years of courses
  • The price is around 30-40 € per month. The detailed payment and subscription conditions are explained in the first meeting with the Ayurveda lector – Physician Aurora Repede
  • The courses will take place every Sunday, starting at 8 a.m., in Natha Yoga and Tantra School – connection with the Lector via internet
  • Language: English
  • Signing up to the course is open until 14th of Febryary 2016
  • The sign up for the course is to be done in Natha's reception

You are very welcome, may it be very useful and help you grow healthy, happy, harmonious :)