Ayurvedic consultation

8.-14. kesäkuuta

Natha has the great joy to offer you:


AYURVEDIC CONSULTATIONS in the period: 8th – 14th of June 2018


Why would I sign up for an Ayurvedic consultation?

Ayurvedic consultations can help you find concrete and practical answers, with the help of wise usage of medicinal and aromatic herbs, cromotherapy (colored light therapy), music-therapy, acupressure, simple modalities for self-massage for multiple needs in order to heal certain existent illnesses or to improve many of your life areas, like:

* increasing intellectual capacity

* elimination of stresses and tensions, of depression

* global harmonization

* emotional balance

* emotional balance in the couple relationship

* personalized cures for purification, detoxification or increasing vitality – thus according to each and everyone's constitution

* improving sexual continence for both men and women

and more.


The consultations will be given by Aurora Repede, physician and Ayurveda lector from Romanian Ayurvedic Training and Specializing Centre (AYUS).


How to sign up for an Ayurvedic consultation:

Please know: the necessary amount of time for one consultation is about 50 minutes. Language is English.

Prices: General 55e/ consultation, for Natha students – 40e/ consultation.

The sign-up is made for a specific day and time interval and is considered final when the bank payment is done.

Sign-up method:

- Sign up on the pin board list next to Natha's reception, or call the reception and ask them to help you find a free time slot.

- In order to confirm your sign-up, you need to pay the consultation fee. This be done at the school reception or below on this page.


Phone: 050 452 0577

Very warmly welcomed!



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