Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga two days a week

What do I learn in the hatha yoga practice?

In the hatha yoga practice you learn classical physical postures, that is, asanas, as well as a technique for deep relaxation. In addition, you have an opportunity to learn and practice meditation. The purpose of hatha yoga is to use yoga asanas and focusing of the mind to tune us with certain specific energies. With the help of the practice you can strengthen and refine a large number of effects and properties within yourself, such as the vitality of the body, self-confidence, the capacity to relate to others in a loving way, and the brightness of your mind and focusing ability.

Each practice includes warm-up exercises, yoga asanas, deep relaxation and meditation. The yoga asanas range from soft and calming ones to asanas that are more dynamic and energizing. The practice does not require previous experience from yoga, and the individuality of each participant is taken into account for. The yoga practice is concluded with a profound deep relaxation, which will further strengthen the effects of the yoga postures. The relaxation of the body generates charges our being both physically and psychically.


What are the effects of hatha yoga?

When practiced regularly, the simple but efficient techniques of hatha yoga vitalize our whole being and bring each of us immediate effects in many areas of life. Scientific studies have confirmed that the practice of yoga reduces stress and the symptoms related to stress, improves posture of the body, reduces or completely eliminates tensions and pains in the body, increases the focusing capacity of the mind, and enhances our psychic wellbeing as well as our level of energy. Hatha yoga is one of the best ways to develop your inner, natural joy of life, which resides within all of us from birth. The practice the relaxation and the meditation create a feeling of wellbeing, which helps us to cope better with various life situations, also the more challenging ones.

We offer hatha yoga practice two days a week. After the practice you can stay, if you want, to deepen the effects of the yoga through a guided meditation at 19:00-19:30. Participation in the meditation is included in the price of the hatha yoga practice. You do not need to register in advance for the hatha yoga practice, and participation in the practice does presuppose any lnger term commitment. You can participate frequently or more rarely, all depending on what suits you. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and that you do not eat any big meals within two hours before the practice. You do not need to bring your own yoga mat, you can use the cotton mats that are available in our facilities.

Participation is free fo first time participants in the hatha yoga.                 

Once a month we also offer couple yoga in which the yoga practice is done together with a partner. Your partner can be your lover, friend or, for instance, a colleague from your course. Thus couple yoga is not restricted only to people in a love relationship. The couple yoga does not include any intimate touching.

At the moment we offer hatha yoga only in Helsinki (Mäkelänkatu 56).

The instruction is in Finnish.


Prices of hatha yoga


                                                1 time       5x          10x         15x         25x

Normal price                       10 €          45 €       85 €        120 €      190 €

Student / unemployed      7 €          30 €       55 €          80 €      120 €

Your first hatha yoga practice is free of charge.

You can pay with cash, credit/debit card or Smartum-liikuntaseteli.    
For the students of the Esoteric Yoga and Intensive Tantra courses (at all levels), participation in the hatha yoga practice is included in the monthly course fee. *(note that this is not the case with couple yoga)

We kindly invite you to join us and to experience the benficial effects of hatha yoga!