Esoteric yoga

Participate in this course in Esoteric Yoga which offers deep knowledge and experience! The teaching is uncomplicated and easy to approach. Each practitioner is doing the exercises according to his ability. The course offers a comprehensive and extensive teaching also to experienced practitioners.

Yoga Session

Every session includes 1,5 hours of different Yoga exercises. In Hatha Yoga the asana-s are done in a calm way. We focus our mind at the same time as we accept our own physical limits. The personal guidance of the teacher supports successful practice also at home.

Continuous Teaching

The Yoga practice is deepened by theory and discussion in the end of each session. Thorough explanations of the effects of the asana-s and of other exercises are given by the teacher. They are also distributed in writing, so it is possible to study the material at home as well. This weekly course is continuous, which means that the members of the same group practice and study together for many years. The course follows the Eight Limbs (steps) of Yoga described by Patanjali, and this offers an efficient spiritual path for continous individual transformation.

Synthesized Teaching

The teaching of the first year includes around 20 asana-s and their effects, knowledge of the Chakras, the principles of Yoga, the law of Resonance, yogic diet, Sun Salutation, a holistic view of the human being and other interesting subjects. The systematically deepening esoteric yoga course includes different yoga types, for example:

  • The Eight Limbs (steps) of Patanjali´s Ashtanga Yoga
  • Laya Yoga - mantra meditation
  • Raja Yoga and Kundaliini yoga
  • Tibetan Yoga techniques
  • Yogic Philosophy

The roots of Esoteric Yoga are to be found in well-known, traditional Yoga literature.

Our experienced and enthusiastic teachers are happy to help you build up an individual practice schedule. Also other questions are welcome any time at our school. Have great experiences with the help of Yoga! By practising Yoga you might find a nuanced joy of life!

Hatha Yoga lessons: Thorough practice without theory (free access to all students of Esoteric Yoga course)