Yoga and Tantra School Natha

Holistic teaching

We teach Yoga and Tantra in their traditional, spiritual form. We apply the original principles of Yoga, but the teaching is adapted to the men and women of today's society. The purpose of all practices is to achieve profound and beneficial changes in the being of the spiritual practitioner.

We offer efficient tools for self knowledge and development as a holistic person. Our teaching is organized in annual courses and a progressively deepening content. New teaching is offered every week and there is material for many years of study. At the moment, our course in Esoteric Yoga, to take just one example, is more than twenty years long!

In our comfortable facility you can learn Yoga year after year, together with familiar people and teachers. Normally the sessions consist of practical exercises and theory, but we also offer Hatha Yoga as a light version, with only asanas and no theory. Our teachers are happy to answer questions related to the contents of the Yoga or Tantra courses also outside the classroom.


Doing together

Natha Yoga and Tantra School, which is well known for its homey and friendly atmosphere, offers a holistic teaching in Yoga and Tantra with almost twenty years of experience. The teaching is profound and practical. Natha is a non-profit association and more or less all its activity is based on voluntary work, including the teaching, the Internet pages and events such as the Tantric Heart Celebrations. Possible revenues are used for the development of new events and for purchases that are needed for the teaching.

Our activity is open and transparent and anybody who is interested can see our economic information.


Our Teachers

Our teachers are dedicated practitioners of Yoga and Tantra. All of them have passed a two year teacher training organized by Atman International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. Only practitioners with a minimum of two years of regular yoga practice can apply to this training. The teacher aspirants have to pass advanced theoretical and practical tests. They also do an extensive personal graduation project on some spiritual topic. Our teachers are delighted to support all students in their study and practice of yoga!



Our school was founded in Finland in 1997 by Swami Mahalayananda. Natha is a member of the Atman Federation of Yoga and Meditation, and there are Natha sister schools in almost all capitals of Europe, as well as in a few cities outside Europe.

The teaching is the same in all sister schools, so if you move abroad it is likely that you can continue your studies near your new location. The roots of the teachings in our school are in MISA (The Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute) in Romania. MISA was founded by its spiritual mentor, Gregorian Bivolaru, who is also the spiritual mentor of our school.


From the standpoint of the yoga tradition, the courses of integral esoteric yoga offered by Natha and other member schools of ATMAN (The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation) are aligned with the Gupta Maha Siddha Yoga lineage, an esoteric tradition of a high spiritual accomplishment and of the profound, ineffable communion with God.

By dynamising and ascending the endless inner energy Kundalini Shakti, the yogi on the path of Gupta Maha Siddha Yoga can enter and maintain an ineffable state of communion with the clearly superior sublime energies of the macrocosmic life and manifestation. Thus, Gupta Maha Siddha Yoga can be rightfully speaking considered a genuine art of living and existing in a deified fashion.

The specific methodology of this doctrine, largely kept secret, can be applied only by those yogis who are capable of controlling the endless colossal occult energy Kundalini Shakti and ascending it at will. They can then transfer into the being of other aspirants the ineffable spiritual states that they exemplify by means of Kundalini Shakti.

Beyond belonging to this traditional lineage, we can assert that the teachings of Natha as part of ATMAN (The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation), aim to synthesise all that is godly inspired and fundamental in the known authentic spiritual traditions, in order to offer to all those, who are suitably prepared and receptive, direct new and ancient ways of transformation and spiritual realisation that are accessible on their current level.