The practice of yogi meditation has become a constant preoccupation of the young in the last years

The increasing number of young people who practice yogi meditation has become a remarkable social phenomenon in the last years, that was named “the new silent revolution of the young” by journalists. Getting to be more and more known thanks to the celebrities praising it, even if only for emphasizing certain aspects of their personal life, the profound yogi meditation is practiced more and more frequently, especially by the young. Individually or in groups, in centers of meditation all around the world, the profound yogi meditation started to become a constant of the life of the new generation.

Placed between fashion and the live desire to have a genuine spiritual life, the inner need of practicing profound yogi meditation is motivating more and more the young people today, who are focusing towards searching a new meaning in life, a more profound one. The need for silence and inner clarity that can be acutely felt in these times of hyper-speed has created a true silent revolution of self knowledge, and profound yogi meditation plays, in this respect, an extremely special part, as seen in the statements of some of the young people practicing the profound yogi meditation.

“I love meditating, but I did not want to talk too much about this subject, because the people I talk to about meditation are often too narrow-minded to understand my words.” This statement belongs to the American comedy actress Lena Dunham, aged 27, a young woman who is quite well adjusted in nowadays' society. She raised the question of the profound yogi meditation for the extremely busy man of today's world.

Almost everybody talks about meditation, beginning with the stars who acknowledge it's profoundly transforming value and its ability of transforming fears of all kinds. But those who truly understand what happens during profound yogi meditation are few, and genuine testimonies on meditation are still few. Those who practice yogi meditation state that this profoundly transforming method has allowed them to discover some special aspects regarding the profound meaning of their life.

“Yogi meditation is something which is extraordinarily soothing which allows me to become aware of the relativity of everything which used to capture me completely until recently”, said Evan Rachel Wood, actress and singer. The English actor Russell Brand stated that meditation has helped him to overcome his addictions, and Angelina Jolie even practiced meditation while she was surrounded by her children.

Eva Mendes said: “I worked a lot but only when I began to constantly practice yogi meditation, only then I managed to love myself and I can honestly say that I finally did it.” “Meditation truly helps you both in getting a feeling of balance, as well as in other areas – even if it sounds cliché – a state of inner peace and calm of the mind. I am not always like this, but it helps me face the ups and downs of life, being more focused on myself. Also, it improves creativity. It's just as if it gives it an impulse at a level that I cannot describe. I could make a list of everything that I think is going on but I would end up talking about something so profound that when I benefit from it, I'm not even aware of the fact that I've gained some benefits. It's more of an overview state.”

“During group meditation with some other friends who are also interested in this practice, I've noticed that at first, people cannot explain what happens to them during or after practicing yogi meditation. But still, everyone feels that it is something truly mysterious which silently triggers in your being when you meditate deeply.” said artist Francois Fournier, advanced yoga practitioner.

“Yogi meditation means entering an ineffable subtle connection with everything there is and this happens in a very direct and simple way. There is nothing inaccessible regarding the practice of profound yogi meditation. Through the practice of meditation you will begin to discover that life is something mysterious and mystical. Yogi meditation is a very concrete and precise technique. It gives predictable results in comparison to the quality of practice,” said Fabrice Midal, philosopher and founder of the western group of yogi meditation in France.

For most people, the act of meditating is extremely simple, theoretically. We sit down comfortably on a chair or in a meditation posture, with our spine straight. Then we breathe in and out regularly and consciously for a few minutes and we focus our attention in the present moment. Then we seek to keep our attention focused on the present moment every time that thoughts are occurring and distracting us.

In current meditation practice, this discipline of the mind is sometimes harder to accomplish when you are practicing without competent guidance. Each of us can meditate at home ever since the beginning but it is much better to begin and meditate under the guidance of some knowledgeable practitioners or advanced yogis. This is why we recommend you meditate in a group, together with other yoga practitioners who are meditating in unison with us, in the same place and at the same time.

From children, young and elder to the members of the navy crews, everyone can meditate. For a few years, profound yogi meditation became increasingly famous, thus favoring the much more profound and transforming view of the yoga system for the modern man. Back when the New Age movement was on the rise, meditating used to be a fashionable trend. There are a few famous examples of some heroes who, at the end of their strength, have spectacularly made a come back, fully enlightened after a session of meditation which allowed them to do good deeds, even extraordinary deeds, later on. Presently, in libraries, book sales on the practice of profound yogi meditation are off the charts and it has even come to the publishing of guides regarding meditation for children.

The therapeutic virtues of profound yogi meditation have been proven even in some military facilities, for example in the navy, where we usually don't expect those tough men who are preoccupied in different aspects than those related to contemplation to sit down in silence in order to learn how to breathe and focus on their own beings through the practice of profound yogi meditation. In London, England, some doctors have given up writing prescriptions to their patients for a bunch of anti-depressants and in return, they recommend profound yogi meditation sessions in order to balance their psyche. In Paris, France, there have been a series of centers for meditation opened, where people meditate in groups, old an young people aside.

In many of the heavily industrialized states, young men aged between 25 and 35 years old have become “champions” of stress and exhaustion. On the background of such over-encumbering, everyone is asking this question: “What is the motivation for this new exotic habit involving a spiritual practiced that was invented over three thousand years ago in the East?” If meditation is currently the favorite practice for so many people, this is only because of the fact that it allows us to connect to the profound human dimension. The rhythm of our lives is permanently accelerating and the pressure for efficiency is higher and higher.

We live in a world where we don't have the time any more to stop and find ourselves, where it is difficult to accept our inner, psychic, mental and heart weaknesses and frailties. But profound yogi meditation helps us be ourselves. “Even a single session of meditation done once each week can help us enormously”, says founder of the Western School of Meditation, Fabrice Midal, who is systematically practicing meditation within groups that manage to reunite hundreds of practitioners. Among these, there are young women aged between 20 to 35 years, who are only growing in numbers and who wish to live consciously in the present moment, so that they will be able to face the extreme flow of every day life.

It is no surprise that a British study conducted in 2012 has confirmed the fact that adults aged between 25 and 40 years are the most affected by stress and depression. The pressure at their jobs, the drastic reduction in their own spare time, the crippling fear of failure, the tension created by the request of giving their best – briefly, the famous tyranny of the fear of failure syndrome (a syndrome called FOMO - „Fear Of Missing Out“) – is causing the girls, especially, of the current generation to mentally exhaust themselves, long before their time.

Motivated by a feeling of inner chaos and by the idea that she has exaggerated, a 26 year old woman began to consistently practice meditation: “I began to meditate a half an hour daily, in the beginning, and shortly after that I moved on to meditating one hour each day. Then I discovered that yogi meditation had a profound calming effect on me, and the effect lasted for hours after the meditation was done. Therefore I realized that stress was permanently altering my state of consciousness negatively. But being able to enter a state of meditation, I managed to see this drawback that I dealt with. By systematically practicing meditation I managed, at some point, to remove myself from this constricting web of stress that used to capture me every day. I can say that before practicing meditation, my current psychic state was solely marked by the anxiety which was manifesting almost continuously. When I managed to “touch with my finger” a small island of serenity through meditation, that was a huge surprise for me. After practicing meditation, I managed to make two-three major decisions for me.“

Another young woman, aged 23 was practicing meditation for two years, as well as some simple yogi exercise: “I was very stressed at work and I took a year off. I wanted to find some kind of relief, I felt a stranger of my own life. Out of curiosity, I tried the yogi meditation and I managed to feel more and more serene.”

Angelique Thiriet, the coordinator of some large groups of meditation practitioners, has noticed that young people especially, aged between 25 and 30 years, want to have a better hygiene of their way of life, without being very radical and slip into the extreme: “Young people are becoming aware of the fact that those who are practicing profound yogi meditation are more and more energetic, they are more stable psychically and mentally and they keep on leading a life which is very well into the normality of the standard of modern life. The practice of meditation gives them hope and confidence in life. Young people today have understood that in order to meditate, they do not need to go into a monastery or isolate themselves in a secluded place. At the age when we feel assaulted by existential questions, taking a seat in a quiet place, even for just ten to fifteen minutes daily, can be of great benefit for us on long term. Consistently practicing meditation, we will understand much better what happens to us, our mind becomes serene and thus we will manage to formulate the right questions. Profound yogi meditation is an occupation which gives a beneficial vision on the world we live in.“

We can consider profound yogi meditation as a genuine anti-stress remedy. It is not just a simple technique which makes us feel a little bit better. Even if meditating might seem difficult, even if sometimes, we are confronted with our anxieties and difficulties which are attacking us when we close our eyes and remain alone with ourselves, profound yogi meditation allows us to surpass these problems and think of them wisely. Meditation is a genuine way of beneficial self-transformation for our being. It allows us to gradually improve a series of aspects of our life. It improves our ability to mentally focus, it refines our perceptions, it improves our emotions and favors a certain improvement of our relationships with others.

Advanced practitioners of profound yogi meditation are acknowledging the fact that the practice of meditation can be helpful in a series of difficult situations in life. Meditation proved to be a way of solving certain simple issues even for many beginners. When someone is expecting a certain result and is looking for an answer to a problem, meditation can give a certain inner focusing which is favorable for the psyche and the mind, which can be consonant with the possibilities of efficiently solving that problem. But we mustn't compare meditation with going to a show, even if many novices think that meditation is just like going to the movies. In fact, meditation is not an instrumental annex of our current behavior.

It does not require any competence regarding intellectual knowledge, because profound yogi meditation involves relaxation in the first place, and then becoming aware of what exists in reality. Meditation is form of simplicity which proves to be complicated for some, especially in this age of the cult of performance. All we need is to find our true authenticity through the practice of meditation. Breathing in and out has never been so revolutionary as it is today!

For many practitioners, profound yogi meditation has transformed their lives. A thirty year old woman stated: “My mother helped me discover the practice of yoga and meditation when I was twenty. I was living in the Eastern Part of America and over there, meditation centers are extremely popular. Almost everybody is leading a crazy life over there, and being preoccupied with your own mental well-being ends up as something extremely important. After a month of practicing I discovered that meditation is of great use to me! Instead of going out with my friends for the regular fun nights, I used to practice meditation in the evening and also, on weekends. At that time, I was working over twelve hours a day. But I was feeling the need of some moments of centering into my own being, moments that some people call “me time”.
Thanks to profound yogi meditation I managed to relax my mind and to connect with my body, my soul and to feel my profound spiritual nature. After starting the practice of profound yogi meditation I understood who I was and how to find balance between the intensity in my life and inner peace. Even if it might seem crazy, I almost cannot live any more the state I used to have before practicing meditation! This caused me to dare and resign, at some point, from a very profitable job, but which was very stressful and tiring as well. After quitting from that job I started focusing on cooking healthy food. Last year I also began practicing yoga. Since I am on the run most of the time, the fact that I began practicing yoga determined me to meditate at least four times a week. If I do not meditate for several days in a row, I feel depressed, I have no energy and my power of concentration is extremely low.”

Another 28 year old woman who is practicing yogi meditation stated: “When I was 24, I began to practice yogi meditation. I had just arrived in Amsterdam, I was just freshly out of a painful relationship and I had just quit from a job in the food industry. I began to work on a cartoon project. In conclusion, I felt lost and disoriented. My priority was to set some rules for developing creativity and improving my focus. While searching for self-development books, I found a book called “Meditation for beginners”. I began practicing breathing exercises while I was commuting, in the train. Following the instructions in the book, I used to meditate on a daily basis. For six months I meditated like this. At some point I realized I was much more calm, I had no more sudden moments of depression and everything had become much more simple. I continued practicing meditation realizing that this is what keeps me from the tendency to stagnate when I am about to finish up a project which required me to be very well organized. I am practicing yogi meditation especially in the mornings, right after I wake up. I have no children that I need to support and take care of and I don't have a boss with exaggerated demands, therefore I can set my own work markers and my own disciplined schedule. Meditation gives me a great deal of support in life. Thus, I avoid being tempted by all sorts of distractions, because now I am more in control. I discipline myself into working a strict diet of detoxifying my body. I no longer feel guilty of abusing my body in the years before with too much alcohol, with an increased lack of sleep or too many chaotic sexual relationships. However, my mind is still oscillating between the ambition of an orderly life and the desire to have fun as before. But, the more I meditate, the more I succeed in bringing together discipline with genuine pleasant friendly encounters.“

Clement is a young practitioner of the profound yogi meditation, aged 33. He says: “After years of consuming large quantities of alcohol, I decided to quit and to have a healthy life. It was hard, especially in the beginning, to adapt to this new way of life that I found difficult.
In the first months of living this new direction in my life I felt completely down physically and mentally. A year ago, a friend talked to me about profound yogi meditation, he told me that in meditation we need to pay attention to our thoughts and emotions without judging, criticizing or accusing them, and then we will be able to life a state of serenity which will definitely bring us above them. Before I began practicing meditation I was very much into extreme sports and I never thought that I could ever meditate. Meditation was like some sort of bizarre trip for me. It seemed extremely difficult to sit down on a pillow without moving, without doing anything, it seemed really weird. But from the very first session of meditation I began to feel immediate beneficial effects. Ever since, I practice profound yogi meditation several times each week, at home, in silence and peace. Sometimes I do not feel any immediate significant effects but this is not something bad, it certainly doesn't help if I complain. But I noticed that most of the times, right after meditating, I have a state of extreme and profound inner well-being and also, I become aware of some inner resources of mine and an inner beneficial strength that I had no idea of before.”

This article was taken from the Costinești 2013 Summer Yoga Camp program.